Clicks for Kids!

A picture of a girl in hospital bed for fund raising


I am doing my first FUNDRAISER EVER!
A FALL FUNDRAISER, called CLICK for KIDS Although I’ve been thinking about it for several weeks now, it took me only minutes to decide just which organization would be the beneficiary. Years ago, I worked for Flashes of Hope, a national organization where pre-selected pro-photographers would go for the day, about once per month, to photograph children pro-bono at large city hospitals.

Each child's photographs were then compiled into a beautiful photo book and presented to the parents. These young children’s lives were in danger because they had cancer or some other crucial disease. My photo sessions were mostly at Boston Children’s Hospital. The staff at Children's was so wonderful with these sweet children, that I knew someday I would do a fundraiser for them... and here I am!

Beginning around the middle to the end of September, I will be setting up sessions for CHILDREN and or FAMILIES to come in, spend about an hour in my North Andover Fine Art Portrait Studio, to have their PORTRAITS taken! I will do all the rest. I am looking for 25 - 30 families and/or children of 25 families. 

Here is how it works:

  • CONTACT ME: IF you think you might be interested, you can begin by signing up. ALL the information you need, is spelled out clearly on my CONTACT page. We can chat on the phone, we can meet and chat via Zoom, or you can email me and I can answer some questions you might have. Feel free to call, even though you may not be certain that you will participate. There is no obligation. Don’t wait too long, as you won’t want to miss out on this rare and modestly priced fundraiser! 
  • YOU CHOOSE: These fine art portraits can be of your entire family or, if you prefer, of your child by themself or a combination of all your children.  
  • CLOTHING: EVERY Mom (or Dad) worries about clothing that the family will wear! But don’t let that slow you down! If you are choosing to have only your children photographed, I have the clothing. From size 2T - 16 (children’s) - boy or girl, I can outfit them! Most of the clothing is new, or worn once, in perfect condition. I have white dresses, black sparkly dresses, and sports jackets for the boys. If you want to bring your own clothing, that is fine as well. If you have a white shirt for your boy(s) and darker pant, that’s perfect. If not, we’ll still make it work! Please chat with me about your ideas and desires. If Mom and Dad want to be in the pictures, she can wear a dressy black or dark dress while he can wear a dark sports jacket or suit, or even a dark turtle neck jersey.
  • Another option is that everyone in the family wears a white top. I have other examples over at my gallery page. Some families love the simplicity of all in white. It’s really all up to you! 
  • SESSION DAY: The entire session only takes about an hour. My job is to keep it light and fun! My assistants are delightful, and children love them! Depending on the ages of your children, I shoot a wide variety of poses of them. I will photograph the entire family - 10 - 15 poses - mixing the family members around a little, and knowing that MANY (or all) of them will be a winner(s)! This way, when you choose your photo, you will have a bunch of images from which to choose! Just want the children? No problem. Want the entire family? No problem. YOU CHOOSE!
  • COME SEE THE RESULTS! In the next few weeks, I edit all the images that I feel are the BEST, so that you will have some choices when you see them. We will set up a day where Mom and Dad can come to the studio, but for only a short time - to choose their favorite image for their gift for participating in the fundraiser.
  • You will select your favorite and that will become your 11 X 14 photo (H or V) that I will have printed up for you. The printed fine art family portrait will be of the finest archival quality and will have an added backing for stability. IF you prefer a larger image, or you want to purchase another image that we photographed, that is completely up to you! There will be NO pressure to do so! You have my promise on that!  
  • AND the LAST STEP: I will call you when your family heirlooms come in!! I know that you and your family will enjoy them for generations to come!


WHAT YOU WILL GET: A Family or Children's Fine Art Portraiture session plus an 11 x 14 pro-portrait - for a suggested donation of $150**.

SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW: If you would like to reserve your spot and talk about clothing please use this link: SCHEDULE A TIME TO TALK TO SARAH MUSUMECI or simply call me at (978) 973-1116 or send me a message via my Contact page.

**To officially book a session at our studio, you must make out a check to Boston Children’s Hospital and give it to me OR (easier) click to go to my Boston Children’s Hospital>Clicks for Kids fundraiser page and enter in your name, and donate $150 directly to the fundraiser. You can do this in two payments of $75 if it is more convenient. We can discuss this more when we speak on the phone. 


Sarah Musumeci