About Sarah 


Sarah’s degrees are in classical music and early  childhood education. But after teaching for a few years, she left as she began her own family. When her two children were young, she found herself taking hundreds of photographs of them, (sometimes daily - the poor kids!) trying to perfectly and artistically document them at each stage of their young lives. This is where her passion of photography began.

In her extra time she learned to ‘paint’, her portraits, with some traditional organic paints, and digitally with Corel Painter, and of course, Photoshop.

With her children still little, Sarah joined some photography groups to sharpen her skills, and found herself winning competitions locally, then in New England. Finally she began getting awards nationally! Many of her competition images were portraits, taken of her children, and friend’s children and families.

Sarah has spoken publicly about taking better travel images, architectural photography, portrait photography, organic painting, Corel Painter, and Photoshop, many times.  These include speaking at over forty camera clubs in New England and New York, the NECCC Conventions, and the PSA Convention in Charleston, South Carolina.

About 15 years ago, Sarah opened her first portrait studio in her town of North Andover, MA.  After furnishing it with too many pieces of antique furniture, and more lights then she will ever need, she now photographs families of all sizes and kinds in this fun environment.

This was my journey. Come visit me and we will get some heirloom portraits of your family - wherever you are in your journey!

About our Portraits

At Sarah Musumeci's Fine Art Studio, we cater to the most discriminating clients, who want only scrupulous and gracefully perpared portraits for their homes. At the studio, we keep the sessions fun and lively, while capturing the essence of your family and children.

With our State-of-the-Art techniques, blended skillfully with classic Old World charm, we create and capture your unique heirloom portraits, which will enthrall many generations of your family throughout the years.


We have two basic types of finishes from which to choose:


Our popular Regal finish is our most detailed realistic portrait. We painstakingly modify the studio portrait with rich and graceful enhancements, almost too difficult to detect. This method of artistry, takes the portrait out of the ‘simple picture’ category, bringing the final portrait to a splendid work of art!  Come to my studio just to visit - and view my many splendid REGAL (and VENETIAN) portraits!


Others may prefer our Venetian finish, which is the closets one can get to a commissioned oil painted portrait. But with our Venetian finish, the face and body are so delicately and meticulously painted, that the portrait will always simulate a perfect likeliness to the subject. This is because the Venetian painting is based directly on the reference image taken at our studio. With our mixed media approach, comprised of Giclee technology, oil paint, visual brush strokes, gels, and more, your portrait is transformed into a glorious fine art painted  heirloom!

Which ever finish you choose, know that each is presented on a high quality canvas, mounted on a masonite board for stability (cannot wrinkle), and sealed with an additional lacquer for longevity and ultimate protection.

A room with a view...

A Room With A View #1

Imagine what is possible for your family.